PŠITO OYATE indiánská vystoupení

American Indian dance show and Old West Performances

Our offer of Western performances

An Old West program

An Old West program can include:

  • Bull whip performance – exhibition and hitting the target
  • Trick roping performance
  • Gun spinning – revolver show
  • Tomahawk show – hitting the target with tomahawk and other activities
  • Gunfights, duels, and scenes from the Wild West
  • Original wagon of the settlers – it is suitable as a decoration
  • Gold washing – interesting for children
  • Trapper’s camp – decoration, exposition of guns, tents and other accessories
  • Old West games – horseshoe throwing, lasso, whip
  • Prizes for the competitions (e.g. ride in American car - Cadillac)

It is also possible to ensure:

  • American cars – interesting decoration, rides
  • Dance performance – exhibitions and coaching country dances
  • Musical bands – country and western
  • Decorations

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