PŠITO OYATE indiánská vystoupení

American Indian dance show and Old West Performances

About us and Native Americans

Pšito Oyate – Bead People

The group focuses on everything related to North American Indians their history, present time and also on the era of the settlement of the American west. This group has been presenting its program at many events in the Czech Republic and other European countries for more than ten years.

Group Pšito Oyate offers its performance to diversify western events, rodeos, musical festivals, country balls, opening days, social and company’s events, entertaining events for children, educational events for schools, etc.

Members of the group Pšito Oyate show the Native American culture the original way. For this reason, the Indian village is built according to the history, the dances which originate in the old ceremonies are performed the original and natural way. Some dances which come from today’s celebrations show the development of the Native American culture. Except from the dances the group Pšito Oyate presents many activities that were parts of everyday life of the proud inhabitants of the plains.

An American Indian

An American Indian - a romantic term which was interesting for most of the people in their childhood. Who did not want to sink in their magic life full of mystical ceremonies and habits, wear clothes decorated with beads and wear a war bonnet with eagle feathers? However this was the only knowledge we had about these interesting people. Let’s make a trip to the golden era of the Wild West and learn more about the culture of the plain Indians. It is possible to get more information about American Indians through the performances of the group Pšito Oyate (Bead People). We focus on the authenticity of the costumes and other properties we use. For this reason you can get the accurate picture of the life of American Indians and have a look to their habits and ceremonies.